Are Face Masks Compulsory at FIFA World Cup 2022?

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Are Face Masks Compulsory at FIFA World Cup 2022? – The World Cup 2022 in Qatar has been plagued by COVID-19 outbreaks. So far, the country has reported nearly 450,000 confirmed cases and 682 deaths. That’s an enormous number, especially considering that Qatar has only a population of 2.5 million people. However, more than 97% of its citizens have already had the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Qatari government has taken the necessary precautions to protect the public’s health during the tournament.

The main question for many after the pandemic is Are face masks compulsory at FIFA World Cup 2022? We have answered it here.

Are Face Masks Compulsory at FIFA World Cup 2022
Are Face Masks Compulsory at FIFA World Cup 2022

Are Face Masks Compulsory at FIFA World Cup 2022?

The question of whether or not face masks will be mandatory at the World Cup is an ongoing debate. The answer varies, from “No” to “Only in public transport” to “Mandatory in Qatar.” As the number of cases rises, however, Qatar is adjusting their rules. While they are currently not required at the World Cup, mandatory stadium masks could ruin the World Cup experience.


Qatar’s government has implemented a comprehensive public health scheme to protect public health ahead of the World Cup in less than three months. One of the measures is to eliminate the mandatory use of face masks in closed public spaces. However, face masks are still compulsory in some public places, such as healthcare facilities and public transportation, and for some employees of closed offices.

Only on public transport

Face masks are now compulsory only on public transport, but that doesn’t mean they’re prohibited anywhere else. According to the Qatari Ministry of Public Health, the requirement has been reinstated after a recent spike in cases. The World Cup in Qatar will be the first in which face masks are mandatory, so it’s an important safety measure.

Mandatory in Qatar

A number of measures are being taken to protect World Cup fans from diseases. In addition to wearing masks and sand filters on public transport, visitors aged 18 and over must download an app called Ehteraz to track their vaccination status and the risk of infection. Additionally, they must wear green Ehteraz when they visit closed indoor spaces, such as stadiums. Facial masks are also mandatory in public transport, including buses and metros.

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