FIFA World Cup 2022: Can You leave and re-enter the stadium?

Can You leave and re-enter the stadium? – The FIFA World Cup is around the corner and Qatar has been selected as the hosts for the upcoming world cup. This is the first time the FIFA World Cup will be held in a country which has never participated or qualified the world cup. The 2022 FIFA World cup will be held from 21st November to 18th December 2022. 

Total 32 teams have qualified for the world cup. These teams have been drawn into eight groups with four teams each. All the teams will play round robin group matches. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the knockout rounds. 

There are millions of football fans from all over the world who will enter into Qatar to enjoy the football world cup atmosphere. Many fans have also got the tickets and have started planning things. This is surely going to be a dream moment for many of the fans. 

There are various queries which come up from our readers. So we have decided to come up with a solution to all your queries. Today’s question is 

Can you Leave and re-enter the stadium during the FIFA World Cup match?

Can You leave and re-enter the stadium
Can You leave and re-enter the stadium

FIFA World Cup 2022: Can you Leave and re-enter the stadium? 

This is a very logical and important question in the minds of each ticket holder. There are numerous reasons for which one has to leave the stadium. But will leaving the stadium grant you to re-enter? This is something you must know before taking any step. 

We checked with FIFA and as they have confirmed on their platform, one cannot leave and re-enter the stadium. FIFA also says that permission to re-enter can be granted by the relevant authorities.

So before doing anything foolish, do have a word with the authorities at the stadium. Remember, millions applied for the tickets and only a few were very lucky enough to get tickets. So be wise and make the moment memorable. 

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