FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Azerbaijan: ITV has the Official TV Rights

FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Azerbaijan – One of our team members has surveyed and it’s seen that there is more excitement among the Asian countries when it comes to the FIFA World Cup 2022. The reason is simple, Qatar is hosting the world cup and it’s just the second time that the world cup is held in a Asian country. Moreover, the match timings are favorable for many countries in Asia which is creating more buzz among fans. They will not have to wake up early or stay awake late at night to enjoy these matches. 

Even if timings are favorable, it is important to know which TV channel to tune to watch FIFA World Cup live. So in this article, we will share the official broadcaster and ways to access it with ease for the people of Azerbaijan. 

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 live in Azerbaijan

FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Azerbaijan
FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Azerbaijan

Till now, many people will be aware of how and where to watch the FIFA World Cup in Azerbaijan. But for all those who are unaware, ITV will stream all 64 matches of FIFA World CUp 2022 live in Azerbaijan. 


ITV is a public television station in the country. It is the first independent public broadcaster in the country and is based in Baku. The network focuses on educational and cultural programs. While there is no official ITV app, the network does have some websites.

ITV will stream FIFA World Cup matches live in Azerbaijan. So if you are residing in Azerbaijan, then do tune to ITV and enjoy all the matches live without any interruption.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on ITV From Anywhere

Well, ITV is a great source to enjoy the football world cup matches live. Since it is a free-to-air channel in Azerbaijan, it is a go-to channel for most of people in Azerbaijan. To watch ITV, you must have an IP address from the country where the channel is located. IP addresses are distributed by local Internet service providers, and ITV will lock you out if your IP address is not from Azerbaijan. When this happens, you will receive a geo-location error message on your screen, in English. To solve this issue, you need to buy a VPN service with a high-speed network. So even if you are traveling outside Azerbaijan and wish to watch ITV, here is a simple way to access it. Just subscribe to a VPN (we recommend ExpressVPN). With VPN, you can connect to Azerbaijan servers and then access ITV from anywhere in the world. 

  1. Get ExpressVPN. Get ExpressVPN for a low price of $6.67/month+3months free on a 12-month plan)
  2. Connect to the location of a Azerbaijan server.
  3. Head to the ITV channel.
  4. Enjoy all matches of the FIFA World Cup for free!

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