FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Cameroon: Watch WC 2022 Matches on CRTV

FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Cameroon – Cameroon is one of the participating teams in the FIFA World Cup 2022. They are part of Group G along with Switzerland, Serbia and Brazil. African countries have been in the news recently. Many former players have predicted the African teams to do well at the upcoming world cup. The excitement related to the African teams is huge among fans globally. If that’s the scene globally, imagine what will be the atmosphere in Cameroon. The fans are looking forward to the world cup and expecting their team to do well.

In this article, we will be sharing how and where to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 live in Cameroon.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Cameroon: Watch WC 2022 Matches on CRTV 

FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Cameroon
FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Cameroon

We had a couple of messages from Cameroon who were looking for an official broadcaster in Cameroon. Our research team looked for the information. Initially, we thought that there is no broadcaster in Cameroon but since Cameroon is playing in the world cup, we felt the need to research more. Finally, we found and we are happy to tell all fans in Cameroon that CRTV will stream FIFA World Cup 2022 live. 


CRTV is one of the leading radio and television broadcasting companies in Cameroon. Its main focus is to provide local news and entertainment. CRTV has a strong network of affiliates, including radio stations, TV stations and online streaming services. CRTV’s mission is to provide the best possible services to its viewers in Cameroon.

CRTV is the official broadcaster of the FIFA World Cup 2022. So if you are in Cameroon, tune in to CRTV and enjoy the broadcast of each and every match.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on CRTV From Anywhere

Well, CRTV is a great source to enjoy the football world cup matches live. Since it is a free-to-air channel in Cameroon, it is a go-to channel for most people in Cameroon. To watch CRTV, you must have an IP address from the country where the channel is located. IP addresses are distributed by local Internet service providers, and CRTV will lock you out if your IP address is not from Cameroon. When this happens, you will receive a geo-location error message on your screen, in English. To solve this issue, you need to buy a VPN service with a high-speed network. So even if you are traveling outside Cameroon and wish to watch CRTV, here is a simple way to access it. Just subscribe to a VPN (we recommend ExpressVPN). With VPN, you can connect to Cameroon servers and then access CRTV from anywhere in the world. 

  1. Get ExpressVPN. Get ExpressVPN for a low price of $6.67/month+3months free on a 12-month plan)
  2. Connect to the location of a Cameroon server.
  3. Head to the CRTV channel.
  4. Enjoy all matches of the FIFA World Cup for free!

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