FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Japan: NHK, FujiTV & TV Asahi To Stream All 64 WC Matches Live

FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Japan – Japan is a sporting nation and we see Japan being actively participating in the various different sports events. From multi-sports events to football, Japan has been progressing in every sports event. Japan has also qualified for the FIFA World Cup and the fans across Japan will be supporting their team. The Japanese people get behind their team and are very loyal in their good and bad times. Even this time, a huge number of Japanese fans will support and cheer for their side. 

In this article, we will be sharing the best viewing options for people residing in Japan.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Japan
FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Japan

How & Where to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Japan

If you are residing in Japan then there is great news for you. There are plenty of viewing options for people in Japan. Abema, Fuji TV, NHK TV, Asahi have the official broadcasting rights for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in Japan.


If you want to enjoy the best of World Cup soccer, you can tune in to NHK. The Japanese public broadcaster has partnered with FOX Sports to bring you the action live from the stadium. The broadcast will be in 8K, which is 16 times higher than standard definition video.

NHK will also be showing highlights of each game. DAZN has signed a deal with the Japanese broadcaster to air short highlights from the games. The highlights will last three minutes and will feature highlights of each match. If you’re in Japan, you can also watch the highlights of every match on the country’s national TV channel, TV2.

Fuji TV

When the Japanese national soccer team qualified for its seventh straight World Cup, most of the general public missed the decisive match in Sydney. This match was only available on the subscription streaming service DAZN, as not all Japanese qualifying tournament games were broadcast on terrestrial TV. The JFA has been advocating for changes to the broadcasting regulations, which would mandate that major sporting events be broadcast live on free-to-air platforms.

In addition to broadcasting live games from the World Cup, Japanese television fans can also stream matches from the tournament via internet television services. Currently, two options are available for those who want to watch the tournament in Japan: Abema TV, a commercial service, and Fuji TV. Both services will have access to a selection of games from the tournament, as well as a daily review programme.

TV Asahi

In Japan, TV Asahi is the only network to broadcast the entire World Cup, including all 64 games. The station will also provide the most exclusive content, allowing viewers to view each game from various angles.

In addition to television broadcasts, a streaming service called DAZN has been signed to provide short highlights from the tournament in Japan. Three minute highlights will be shown after every match. The broadcaster will also feature a review programme called Judge Replay.

How to Watch NHK, Fuji TV & TV Asahi Outside Japan – Watch FIFA World Cup Matches Live From Anywhere

Most of the broadcasters in the world are free to air and are geographically restricted. This means the channels cannot be accessed from outside the specific country. This means you cannot access NHK, Fuji TV & TV Asahi from outside Japan. There will be many people who will be traveling in and out of Japan during the FIFA World Cup. For them, it is important to know how to access NHK, Fuji TV & TV Asahi from outside Japan.

To access NHK, Fuji TV & TV Asahi from outside Japan, you need a reliable VPN that will work perfectly for sports streaming. ExpressVPN is best when it comes to football streaming. Priced as low as $8/month, it is also the cheapest option available in the market. With ExpressVPN, you can easily connect to Japan servers from any corner of the world and get access of NHK, Fuji TV & TV Asahi.

  1. Get ExpressVPN. Get ExpressVPN for a low price of $6.67/month+3months free on a 12-month plan)
  2. Connect to the location of a Japan server.
  3. Head to the NHK, Fuji TV & TV Asahi channels.
  4. Enjoy the live streaming of all FIFA World Cup matches for free!

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