La’eeb – Meet Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot

FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot – With just six month to go, Qatar is almost ready to host the prestigious FIFA World Cup. We have our 32 teams who have qualified through a tough qualifiers circuit. This time qualifiers were trickier due to the pandemic situation the world faced for almost two years from December 2019. Overcoming all the difficult scenarios, we are here and the FIFA World Cup will kick off from 21st November 2022. 

So the World Cup is in a few months and everyone is wondering where the FIFA World Cup 2022 mascot is? Well, the FIFA World Cup 2022 mascot was unveiled by Qatar on 1st April during the world cup draw ceremony. 

What is the FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot?

FIFA and Qatar unveiled the official mascot of FIFA World Cup 2022 during the world cup draws held on 1st April 2022. After unveiling, most of the football fans wondered what exactly the mascot was. It is said that designers have left much to our interpretation.

The first appearance of La’eeb looks like a gutra. A gutra is an Arabic term for a cloth headdress worn in Qatar and other Arabic countries. La’eeb is not meant to have a fixed anthropomorphic identity. 

La’eeb comes from a mascot verse which is a parallel world where all tournament mascots live. He is fun and mischievous. When it comes to gender, FIFA describes him using male pronouns.

La’eeb - Meet Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot
La’eeb – Meet Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot

What does La’eeb mean? Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot [OFFICIAL]

So everyone now knows La’eeb. But what does La’eeb mean? While introducing La’eeb FIFA said that it is an Arabic word meaning super-skilled player.

Did you notice an apostrophe in La’eeb? The presence of the apostrophe in the middle of the word is due to translation from Arabic into the Roman alphabet. 

So when are apostrophes used? The apostrophes are used to indicate glottal stops. Glottal stop is a sound which is produced by obstructing airflow through glottis.  

Apostrophes are common in Arabic but glottal stops are not marked in English. So La’eeb is also referred to as Laeeb worldwide.

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