Olivier Giroud equals Thierry Henry as France’s all-time leading scorer

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Olivier Giroud equals Thierry Henry as France’s all-time leading scorer – The Milan striker scored two goals in his team’s victory over the Oceania side in the opening game of the 2022 World Cup.

It was an important day in the history of the French national team, as it was important for defending champions to start with a win on November 22nd. The French team did that exactly with the victory with a win over Australia 4-1, in the framework of the first date of Group D of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

And there was an important figure in the match, as was the case of striker Olivier Giroud, who scored two goals in the comprehensive victory over the Kangaroos. The second goal in his account marked a milestone in history.

Olivier Giroud equals Thierry Henry as France's all-time leading scorer
Olivier Giroud equals Thierry Henry as France’s all-time leading scorer

Until today, the greatest striker Henry held the title of France’s all-time leading scorer with 51 goals, which was matched by the man who helped seal the win over the Australians. The two now share the top spot.

All the signs seem to indicate that the striker, who is still active, will surpass that figure, since he still has two matches left in the group stage of the World Cup, and wait for what happens in the following stages. In addition to what is to come in terms of qualifying for the European Championship.

It is worth remembering that the next match of the team coached by Didier Deschamps will be next Saturday, November 26, against Denmark, a tough match if we take into account the recent past of both teams in the Nations League, where the Scandinavians won twice. Their participation in the group stage will be against Tunisia.

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