Will Qatar Sell Beer During Fifa World Cup 2022?

Will Qatar Sell Beer During Fifa World Cup 2022? There are few partnerships which grow together hand in hand. FIFA and Budwiser’s partnership is one such which has been growing together since the last 30 years. Budwiser is the main sponsor for the FIFA World Cup. But wait! Beer is banned in Qatar, then will Budwiser sell beer during FIFA World Cup 2022? Well, this is very trending and one of the most asked questions from many fans who are travelling to Qatar to watch world cup matches live from the stadium. To answer this question, we decided to write a detailed article related to this.

Will Qatar Sell Beer During Fifa World Cup 2022
Will Qatar Sell Beer During Fifa World Cup 2022

Will Qatar Sell Beer During Fifa World Cup 2022?

To all those who are in a hurry, the answer is Yes. Qatar will sell Beer During FIFA World Cup 2022.  

While drinking alcohol in Qatar is illegal, some spectators may still be interested in buying a beer or two at the 2022 World Cup. For all those spectators, Beer will be sold in some bars and stadiums as hospitality packages. 

Qatar is the first Arab country to host the World Cup. There are many cultural and social taboos surrounding alcohol. However, Qatar has worked to change this by making alcohol more accessible and subsidised for fans.

Qatar isn’t the first World Cup host to relax alcohol regulations. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil saw beer sold in stadiums. The country had previously banned alcohol in stadiums, but it was pressured by FIFA to pass a special bill for the tournament.

Is Drinking Beer inside the stadium allowed? 

While the stadiums in Qatar will not allow alcohol inside the stadiums, it will be sold outside the stadiums at the official Fan Fest, held three hours before the World Cup begins. The World Cup will start in November and run for four weeks, making it the first football event of this size to be held in the Middle East.

Despite the controversy surrounding the World Cup, the FIFA has already sold more than 2.45 million tickets to fans. The World Cup will be a good opportunity for Budweiser to market its flagship alcoholic brand. Budweiser, who is the major sponsor, has already launched a global advertising campaign. It features soccer players Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and Raheem Sterling in a stadium tunnel.

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Qatar will sell beer with alcohol during the World Cup. The policy is expected to start three hours before kickoff, and it will end one hour after the final whistle. 

Budweiser, which has been the World Cup’s main sponsor for more than 30 years, will serve the beverage in the stadiums. Budweiser has exclusive rights to sell beer in Qatar and will serve it inside the stadium’s ticketed area. The only exceptions to the alcohol policy will be the fan zone inside the stadium.

It is unclear how much alcohol will be sold at the 2022 World Cup. But it is rumored that alcohol will be available to World Cup stadium guests and those purchasing hospitality packages. Qatar’s strict alcohol regulations make serving alcohol at the World Cup difficult, but the country’s authorities have agreed to it in principle.

The World Cup is scheduled to begin on 20 November, and is estimated to attract 1.2 million visitors. During the World Cup, up to 130,000 hotel rooms are expected to be opened. Hotels, cruise ships, and apartments will be available to host the World Cup.

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